Who Are We

Ishik Medical and Educational Foundation is a charity registered in Tanzania to identify, plan and implement all-round community focused programs taking care of beneficiary needs without bias of any kind. The ISHIK Foundation was founded in 1999, apart from running successful schools, the ISHIK foundation has established a charity department.


The Ishik Charity Department was founded in 2020 and has been working in various projects that focus on education, health, sanitation and so forth. ISHIK has been involved in renovating public schools or building new classes, supplying desks, stationeries, providing clean and safe water by drilling wells in schools and areas with water scarcity. The Ishik charity also provides orphanages with food, paying hospital visits, empowering youth, and aids them through vocational training, providing health insurances, doing health check-ups and awareness, and sponsoring medical treatments.


The Charity department with the help of partners, volunteers, sponsors and freehearted people from across the globe has taken in Food and Resource Programs. The program involves distributing of food packages to those who are in need, this is done through Qurban and Ramadhan project.



Building a strong community that is free from poverty, ignorance and disease through improved social services delivery leading to higher living standards for the people and a healthy environment.



Achieve equitable, sustainable and transparent management of Tanzania needy community entities, charitable institutions and schools through communication, collaboration, information sharing, advocacy and capacity building among the civilians and stakeholders for sustainable development.



Together we Serve the world better!

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